About the guide.

I am a professional bird guide, a member of The Gambia's National Bird Watcher Association. My professional name is Modou Saidy. I am 29 years of age.
 I have followed my training with the Gambia Studies, which is part of the Association's training branch. I did my studies during four years, from 2000 to 2004, and I obtained my graduation certificate in 2004. In 2012, I have been operating as a guide for eight years. 

 I lead individuals, couples and groups. I have a network of available drivers, with good vehicles ranging from four wheel drive cars to minibus, 8 seat car or 4 seat car, and excursions can be booked for round trips, full days or half days. I know all the protocols to help you change your money, both in The Gambia and in Senegal, and you do not need a visa for Senegal and can travel freely. 

 So it is my privilege to entertain you with the birds and the nature, the fauna and the flora of The Gambia and Senegal. You can always make your bookings in advance, two weeks or more ahead of your journey, by e-mail or by telephone, but of course you can also book your excursion upon arrival. 

 I am always stationed at the Kotu Bridge Bird Guides Office.